Monday, October 10, 2016

July/August/September - Rulings

Have been otherwise occupied or busy last few months (likely to continue for another few), and the game has been cruising along on Season 2 in the meantime. In the interest of continuity, here are a few choice rulings/clarifications from the past 3 months:

1.  MOV penalties that apply to base-move will affect out of activation movement, like Get Over Here!:
The example given is Scum being affected by Caught in a Net, thus having a base move of 2"/4", and only dodging 2" towards Friday.

2. Scatters off the pitch are measured to the scatter point, even if off the table:
This is an exceedingly long discussion about semantics and cornercase issues, but the idea is that the edge of the pitch is not impenetrable, so the ball can scatter off the pitch, then you measure the ball path using that point. 

3. You can Counter charge friendly models currently under the effects of Lure, or Puppet Master, or similar:
The model being forced to jog remains a friendly model to the user of Lure/Puppet Master until after the advance has ended. Counter charge trigger occurs as the advance ends. 

4. You can counter attack a counter charge:
Pretty straight forward. Let's say you get counter charged while charging, the counter charge and the counter attack are both resolved (in that order) before the initial charge is resolved.

5. Siren's Beautiful ability can reduce character plays to Range 0":

Season 3 coming in late November - woo! 

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