Sunday, October 16, 2016

Season 3 model changes - compilations

Below you can find a compilation of confirmed and rumoured spoilers:


Flask (confirmed):
  • Removed 2 damage boxes


Tapper: (confirmed)
  • INF stat changed from 3/4 to 4/5 
  • Tactical Advice [Scum] changed from +1/+1 INF to +0/+1 INF
  • Old Jake's can now only be used to allocate INF to other Brewers within 6" (up from 4")
  • Commanding Aura reworked to affect friendly Guild models within 4" (previously gave buff to all friendly models while attacking enemy models which were within 4" of caster)
  • GB/GB Playbook result moved from Column 5 to 4

Stave: (rumoured)
  • no changes

Friday: (rumoured)
  • 2 DMG result on Column 2 no longer momentous
Hooper: (confirmed)

  • No changes
  • Ball's Gone! reworked to be "gain the ball if the enemy has it. Can instantly make a free pass"


Princess (confirmed):
  • Removed 2 damage boxes
  • Loved Creature reworked to 'team gains +1 TAC if this model is damaged'
Meathook (confirmed):
  • Reworked playbook slightly (added pushes to most damage results, GB result now on 4 hits)
  • Added 1 ARM
  • Changed INF to 2/3 (from 1/4)
  • Heroic Play no longer causes damage, and only triggers off Bleed condition
  • Added Hooked! - whenever a model is damaged as a result of a playbook damage result from Meathook, they suffer -1 DEF.
Boar (confirmed):

  • DEF increased to 3+
  • Regenerate replaced with Life Drinker (heal 1 when taking playbook damage result)
  • Health decreased by 2
  • Playbook modified slightly to 7 columns, and Concussion moved to 4 results
  • Hamstring removed


Ratchet (confirmed):
  • +0/1" MOV
  • +1 TAC
  • Reworked playbook
  • Gained Tooled Up
  • Fixer now an active ability but no longer heals (only removes conditions)
  • Reworked Long Bomb to be a 0/4" buff to passes, which cannot be intercepted
  • Creation [Mainspring] now a Heroic Play
  • Overclocked no longer takes out the target model at the end of activation


Salt (confirmed):
  • Removed 1 damage box
  • Loved Creature reworked to 'team gains +1 TAC if this model is damaged'
  • KICK stat changed from 1/4" to 2/4"


Honour: (rumoured)
  • Responsive Play changed for Poised
  • Topping Out! range increase from 4" to 6"
  • Superior Strategy is now once per turn and allocates rather than gives INF
  • KD Playbook result moved from Column 6 to Column 5

Harmony: (confirmed)
  • Family range increased from 4" to 8"
  • Acrobatic have been reworked to a 1 COST, Once Per Turn 2" dodge
  • Scything Blow has been removed, and replaced with Weak Point
  • Momentous GB result added to Column 3, 2+GB result added to Column 5
  • Gained Back to the Shadows

Brick: (rumoured)
  • No changes


Vet Graves (confirmed):
  • Creation is now a Heroic Play (1 MP) and Mascots give up VP when taken out.
Vileswarm (confirmed):
  • No change.
Cosset (confirmed):
  • Traded Damage Support Dirge for Assist Dirge.
  • Crazy now lasts for the turn
  • Playbook reworked (shortened to 5 columns)
  • Screeching Banshee now causes -1DEF instead of -4/-4 MOV


Harry the Hat (semi confirmed):
  • Gained 2" melee range
  • Playbook has been modified to "have momentous results on the first 4 columns, and focus on pushes & KD"
  • Inspiring Hat has been changed to an aura that grants -1 MP cost to teamwork actions within X".


Fahad (confirmed):
  • Removed 2 damage boxes

Systems changes:

  • All models now only have one icy sponge marker, located roughly halfway up the health track
  • Mascots now have an icy sponge marker
  • Mascots only generate 1 VP when taken out
  • The player who loses iniative each turn gains a momentum point.
  • Engineers will be "fun for both players".

Last updated: 14 Nov 2016

Updates no longer needed since some guy took my job:

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