Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June - Rulings

After the Season 2 rules have had some time to settle in, here are a few highlights from the preceding month: 

Death effects while temporarily under control of enemy:  

Essentially, if your player gets Puppet Mastered or otherwise controlled and is taken out (ie. via parting blow) during the duration of that control, it counts as taking out an enemy model.

  1. Obulus Puppet Masters Sakana to jog away from Kraken. Kraken takes a parting blow and takes out Sakana. The Fish get 2VP for taking out an enemy player.
  2. Obulus Puppet Masters Salt to jog away from Kraken. Kraken takes a parting blow and takes out Salt. The Fish get 2VP for taking out an enemy player, and the Morticians get Loved Creature for the duration of that turn.

Active vs Passive Character Traits:

A few interesting clarifications here. The starting point is that Season 2 makes a distinction between Passive Character traits (are triggered automatically or voluntarily in response to a specific trigger - ie. Tough Hide vs playbook or character play damage) and Active Traits (more or less equivalent to free character plays ie. Bag of Coffers, Magical Brew).

The ruling is that abilities like Linked (ie. Honour/Harmony and Zarola/Fahad) are Passive trait that trigger on the end of activation (outside activation), but you can choose to either use it or not unlike most other passive traits.
This same logic applies to the Hunters' Back to the Shadows trait.

vSiren errata:

Basically they added in 'except while advancing' into the text, so you can't trigger it on a Parting Blow (much like Glutonous Mass, Clone, etc.)

Now here are a few to fuel the  #nicerulessteamforged meme (1):

Fillet timing of bleed AoE: 

Because the active player chooses the order of simultaneous effects, you can choose to trigger the Bleed condition on Pain Circle before the [1] DMG part during step 2.6 of the Attack Resolution. As such, you can get the 1" dodge from Blood Dance as the result of single Pain Circle, even if your target was not bleeding. Not so intuitive without looking at the resolution chart.

Note that if Smell Blood (+1 to Playbook DMG against bleeding enemies) did apply to Character Plays (which it does not), you would NOT get the +1 DMG, because damage modifiers are worked out during step 2.4 of the Attack Resolution. This is relevant for example to Stoker's Burning Passion and Flame Jet.

There is possibility that this would be amended in the future given the lack of intuition around having simultaneous effects consequentially affect each other, but at present, that's how it is.

Passing during kick off:  

Some muppet decided that passing to your own team during kick off and then using the One Touch Football plot card to kick it back into the enemy half was the greatest play of all time.
It's not.

And finally, everyone's favourite:

Damage Sponge not usable vs Charges, Parting Blows or Counter-Attacks:

Damage Sponge
An enemy model declares an Attack
against a friendly model.
The friendly model gains [+1] DEF for
the duration of the Attack.

The logic is that the card triggers on the declaration of an Attack, specifically, rather than on declaration of something which includes an attack.

As a matter of illustration, if a passive trait gave you +1 DEF against attacks, then it'd work against charges/parting blows/counters since they all include attacks. Key phrase is the declaration of a specific thing, not the thing itself or its component parts.

And I leave you with a link to the latest Collected Clarifications thread.

(1) No Skornegy, only options.

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