Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rookie's Corner 4 - Resources

So you've thought about playing this game for a bit and decided you'll give it a go.

You've picked a team based on your personal aesthetical and playstyle preferences, but mostly because you've probably got a massive crush on a particular captain.

You've gotten a couple of games in, made some mistakes, gotten your head around some of the intricacies and conventions of the system and generally are now hooked in.

Where to next?


Guild Ball Tonight

The longest running Guild Ball-exclusive podcast, this show covers a broad range of topics within the game, including news, event coverage, community interviews, etc.

Strictly the Worst

Excellent podcast focusing exclusively on the competitive aspect of the game. Features Jordan Nach, current US #1 player, Alex Botts, current US #1 tiebreak expert and that other guy.

Double Dodge

Classy podcast from our Australian neighbours. Good interviews, good memes, and always willing to praise Pete Williamson.

Singled Out Podcast

Officially the 4th best Guild Ball podcast, based in the UK with a focus on the UK scene.


Steamforged Forums

The official forums for the game - more or less what'd you expect. Best place for official information and pictures of amazing paintjobs and conversions.

NZ Facebook Group

Featuring the best url of the lot, it's the best way to stay in touch with other NZ ballers.

Guild Ball Supporters

Biggest worldwide Facebook group to discuss the game.


Young reddit subforum, but becoming increasingly active


Guild Ball Official

The official site - the most useful section will be the Downloads section, which includes the full rulebook for the game, the latest errata, the full updates rules for all models, the Organized Play document, reference sheets and last but not least, the official Vassal module.

GB Scrum

An incredibly useful resources hosting the latest cards in an easy to navigate UI. May be turned into an app in the near future.

Nick's GB Health Tracker

Very efficient little app to mark health during a game, made by a local.

Youtube channels

Steamforged Official

Weekly updates with news and spoilers. 

Run the Length

Channel by a member of the Chicago meta. Focuses on the competitive game. Sped up reports with excellent analytical commentary.

Hot Gates Gaming

High quality video batreps.

Where to buy

Mighty Ape is the primary supplier of Guild Ball in New Zealand. Competitive prices, quick shipping, good service, and supports the scene. Can't go wrong.

Guild Ball Official

A good place to start and browse, and the first place to get things in stock. Also has periodic sales for limited edition models.

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