Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January - rulings

1. The goal is a barrier. Missed goal kicks can also be intercepted:

A commonly missed rule that the goal is a barrier, meaning it's impassable and blocks all movement (including the ball). Scatters treat it like a barrier ie. if the ball path from a missed shot scatter takes it across the goal, the ball stops, rather than going through and behind the goal. This ruling may appear a little unintuitive at first, but think of it sort of like hitting a post or a net in football.

This does mean that if you get a model in b2b with the goal token, you can keep shooting until you score as long as you have influence/momentum, since the ball will stop at your feet and snap back every missed shot (assuming nobody is contesting the snap).

2. Midas' legendary play errata-ed (but not in the errata - yet):

Pseudoepigraphy (LP):
Each Inf spent (up to 3) after using this play generates 1MP
This is in the clarifications thread but has not made it to an errata  - the wording in the card strongly leads to the interpretation of straight converting influence to momentum, but this errata allows him to use the influence on actions/plays in the process, thereby potentially generating additional momentum (effectively a buff in the majority of circumstances).

3. Kicking at a goal means you target any spot of the goal token, and centre the kick to that spot. Passes between players are still centre to centre:
This is also a little unintuitive, but one has to remember that the goal is NOT a model, but essentially a terrain piece. It also makes jamming the front of the goal with low impact models like mascots or Greede slightly less powerful.

4. Furious! can be used as a free sprint if target model is out of range.

Similar to the use of a free charge in Warmachine, this makes models like Rage, Boar and Minx even more efficient! Some may be upset from a representational point of view, but from a legal standpoint it just saves adding "and may sprint without spending influence" or equivalent.

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