Wednesday, April 27, 2016

TAC stats

More funky data for you, this time looking at TAC stats. A lot more straightforward than defensive stats, since you can claim that TAC 5 is almost objectively better than TAC 4, which you can't really do when comparing defensive stat lines like 5+/0, 4+/1 and 3+/2.
I say almost because TAC interacts directly with a character's playbook, and it could be argued that TAC 5 with a 4 column playbook is better than TAC 6 with a 6 column playbook in many situations.

Here is the chart for the whole game:



Unlike the DEF curve, the TAC chart looks a lot more like a bell curve - a dominant median average in TAC 5, with the mean being just below that at 4.77 (thanks, Mascots). I thus have no problem making the claim that TAC 5 is an 'average' stat.

Captains and Mascots

Next, a more focused look at Captains and Mascots:

We can see immediately by looking at Captains that they have an above average TAC on the whole. The median (10/17) is a TAC of 6, whereas the mean average is just a little over 6 (6.18). Nothing too impressive, as you expect your captain to pull their weight. Surprisingly, there is only 1 TAC 8 Captain (Fillet, not surprisingly a Butcher) and 1 TAC 4 Captain (Smoke, not surprisingly an Alchemist).

In terms of Mascots, we can see a general pattern - they suck. Mascots generally are not meant to achieve much in combat, usually having a utility role or being an INF battery. Princess and Scum are the two with higher TAC scores, and also the two of the three with legit dealing damage capabilities thanks to their playbooks (Fahad being the third).

TAC Stats by Guild

Finally, we come to Guild by Guild numbers:

Mean average TAC stats across guilds:


  • Alchemists are just a little lower than average (mean 4.7), which is suitable for a guild with playbooks mostly designed to get out of combat. There are a few notable exceptions of courses - both Katalysts have excellent TAC, along with Midas, and also Vitriol thanks to her cover bonuses - which boost their average up significantly.
  • Brewers, again, demonstrate largely mediocre stats with a heavy skew towards the median TAC of 5 and a mean just below that (4.8). This is deceptive of their impressive melee capabilities given their buffs and short playbooks, not to mention their tendency to get into a brawl and stack on Ganging Up bonuses.
    Shoutout to that TAC 6 Stave.
  • Butchers unsurprisingly are way above average (5.6) in their TAC scores, with 2 of the 3 TAC 8 models in the game. They want to get in combat and make attacks and get high playbook results for those big damage numbers.
  • Engineers are on the low end of the scale (4.5), except lack a melee monster like Katalyst to boost their numbers. They only really want to use their TAC to get out of combat or generate enough momentum to do their thing (score some goals and heal up, usually), which is where the captains' TAC of 6 can help.
  • Fishermen are at the bottom of the pile in the TAC department (4.4) Their captains' TAC of 6 helps them get enough momentum to make it through their turn and do their thing (goals, counter attacks), while most of their players' mediocre TAC scores are just sufficient to get the low playbook results they require for momentous dodges. It certainly doesn't help them in the damage department or pulling off power plays, though.
  • Masons are also a little bit lower than average (4.5), which is not that big a deal for them as they have access to some decent TAC buffs when needed, as well as most of their momentous results being low on the playbooks. If they want to get big numbers in combat, they can make it happen.
  • Morticians are in a pretty good spot (4.8) for a 'non brawler' guild, thanks to a surprising number of TAC 6 models with Graves and Ghast. Quite a few of their players' big power plays are triggered by GB results (ie. Unmasking, Tormented Agony, Unexpected Arrival, etc). so they need to get into combat to make these things happen.
  • Union also average out nicely (4.7) putting them in the middle of the pack, with 5 models above TAC 5 and 5 below. Those two TAC 2 Mascots certainly help bring things down.
  • Hunters again have a perfect spread of stats (5), showing the diversity and specialization in the guild, as well as their overall tendency to get those big playbook results on certain players (especially stacked with the -1DEF from Snared!).

Funnily enough, the above spectrum is also quite representative of "most likely to win via goals alone" to "most likely to win via takeouts alone". :)

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