Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March - Rulings

1. While this is intended to be clarified under Season 2 rules (out next month), Legendary and Heroic plays have been clarified to not be actions. Legendary plays can thus be used mid movement (very useful for pulse effects), while heroic plays cannot because they require spending momentum.
The one exception is Blackheart's legendary, because he is a douche and shouldn't get douchier things.

2. Similar to the above,  the Lawyer's Guild have ruled ahead of the Season 2 rules that goal-kicking the ball behind your own goal line will no longer allow you to generate momentum, as if one of your players had dumped it there.

3. Clarification around Get Over Here!, namely that you can trigger it mid-movement and before making a charge attack. I've always played it that way anyway.

4. More interesting follow up to the above, it also affects Magical Brew, so Hemlocke/Stocker can get KDed mid charge and stand back up using Magical Brew to continue their charge. Pro stuff (at least for the next two weeks....)

Season 2 book and an updated version of the core rules comes out in a little under 3 weeks so we should have a whole glut of new clarifications and errata, as is the case with such things. As such I've kept the above reasonably light in the face of the incoming rules drama storm. From a technical rules perspective, one of the most valuable introductions will be the Timings Sequences, which you can see a preview HERE in regards to Tower's Heroic.

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