Monday, February 29, 2016

February - Rulings

Another month, another set of rules changes.

1. With the re-release of Season 1 cards with the Season 2 design (playbook and character plays on the front), Steamforged took the opportunity to issue a mini-errata addressing some of the leftover outliers from Season 1, namely Blind and Gutter:
  • Blind has been changed from RNG 6, AoE 3, -4TAC/MOV to RNG 8, AoE -, -2 TAC/KICK/MOV 
  • Gutter's Chain Grab has been changed to 4" RNG, down from 6".
There was also the clarification to Captain Rage's Heroic/Legendary (both work as intuitively expected), as well as a couple of clarified wordings (some with gameplay consequences, see below) and some terminology changes around tokens and posts.
2. Technically a December ruling that resurfaces recently: Tower's "Defend the Ground" and Stoker's "Burn the Floor" rendered VERY situational/ borderline useless by the clarification that models within 1" of a terrain piece ie. obstruction+ obstacles are not within that terrain piece despite getting the cover bonus, and the clarification that rough ground and fast ground are ground, and not terrain (see p.63)

3. Along with a few rewording/clarifications of abilities with the card reprints, Ghast's Fear ability has been reworded to increase the cost of the ability by [1] influence (as opposed to previously, where you basically threw away 1 influence to do anything to him).
A result of this is that character plays which trigger Fear have their dice pool increased by one, effectively a Bonus Time! with influence rather than momentum.

4. And a stealth buff for Casket - Ghostly Visage is no longer once per turn.

5. Clarification re: takeouts as a result of pushing an enemy off the field. It works as you'd expect re: momentum, Loved Creature, Vengeance plot, etc.

6. Minor change to Lure (Siren, Cosset) that makes it a straight Jog (like Puppet Master) instead of a non-typed reposition at base move. This means you can Parting Blow the lured model, if you wished,  it gets affected by terrain, etc.

There are also a couple of things in limbo, mostly about interactions between Ratchet and Pin Vice abilities.

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