Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rookie's Corner 2 - Mistakes will be made

Here is a short list of mistakes you will make when learning how to play this game. It is important to recognise (and I must emphasise this) that I have personally made none of these mistakes. Ever.

- The kicker nominates his kicking player before the opposing team deploys.

- On kick-off your nominated player still rolls their kick dice after placing the ball completely within their kick range. A successful roll (i.e. a single 4+ on any dice) allows a reroll of the scatter.

- The reroll of the scatter is a reroll in it's entirety. You cannot choose to only reroll the direction or distance; both must be rerolled.

- You can pre-measure any and all distances regardless of model ownership. Distances measured do not have to be model-to-model.

- Activations alternate unless dumb Masons want to screw you with Harmony or you suck and all your guys are dead.

- Don't forget to bring your Taken Out models back on in the Maintenance Phase. Make sure you mark Icy Sponges correctly.

- Forgetting to allocated INF is terrible and you should feel terrible for not thinking hard enough at the start of your turn.

- Pushes are made in 1" increments in any direction. A playbook result of >> is two 1" Pushes. You can Push 0" (zero inches). Pushes must be performed in a straight line.

- Similarly Dodges are made in 1" increments, however Dodges can 'curve' around models (they do not have to be in a straight line).

- A Momentous Dodge shall hereafter be officially known as a Momentous Doge.

- You can voluntarily kick the ball to empty space. You can voluntarily kick the ball off the table (by effectively scattering it 1" in any direction from open ground.

- A player leaving the field for any reason (exception: may not voluntarily leave the table) is Taken Out.

- Snapshot! does not require INF expenditure from the kicking model.

- A model can be healed twice in a turn - once from Take a Breather Lad! and once from Come on Mate! - using Momentum.

- Use tokens to mark effects when they are applied such as Bleed or Knock Down.

- A missed shot on goal scatters somewhat bizarrely from the middle of the goal token. Good luck figuring that out on a beautifully modelled goal. Precision fail.

- Kicks do not scatter in a line from your model to where you placed your kick to where it scatters. The ball travels in a straight line from the kicking model to the final resting point as determined by the scatter.

- You cannot intercept a ball that is Thrown In.

- You permanently gain an additional point of INF during allocation for every goal scored.



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